M.A.C – Match Master SPF 15 Foundation

A few weeks ago I purchased M.A.C’s Match Master SPF 15 Foundation, I chose shade 1.0, which is one of the lightest shades. I also got M.A.C’s Studio Fix Powder + Foundation(NC15) & their Pro Long Wear Concealer(NW20), I’ll be reviewing those next!

Let me start by saying I love how convenient the little pump is on this bottle, I’m used to using foundations that have to be poured out of their bottle’s, this is much easier. The tall, slim bottle is very pretty & the matte black pump is a gorgeous feature.

This formula contains no oil, helps to control oil throughout the day & it provides up to 8 hours of long wear. Medium coverage with a demi-matte finish, for all skin types. It also provides customized pigments to adjust to your skin tone.

It blends very easily and looks flawless once applied & blended. I use a primer with my foundation but the other day I forgot to and you wouldn’t of been able to tell that I wasn’t wearing primer, not only does this foundation provide a flawless finish it also fill in pores and doesn’t need a base to look gorgeous(I’d recommend you do use a primer though, it always helps when your blending, especially if you have dry skin).

Rate: 9/10 Price: $59. I’d recommend this to anyone, it’s great for all skin types!








































































































































































































































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