M.A.C – Brush Cleanser

I went to M.A.C last week and got a few things which I will be reviewing over the week. One of the products I decided to get was M.A.C’s Brush Cleanser, it’s only $20 and weighs 235ml which is a good price considering the amount of product you get for the price.

I’m not to sure if it’s pink or if the bottle’s a light pink color but either way it’s very pretty & the color is what caught my attention. It has a watery texture, un-like a lot of other brush cleanser that have a gel formula, this formula allows brushes to dry quicker, leaving them feeling soft & smelling fresh.

Only the tiniest bit is needed to apply to a damp brush, then work through, rinse thoroughly(be sure not to get any water in where the fibers are glued in as that many cause your brush to loose it’s fibers over time), re-shape and then leave flat to dry(the best way is to use a brush drying tree which allows your brushes to hang upside down & dry a lot quicker).

The packing is very simple, the pink bottle is very pretty though. This brush cleanser did a great job, all my brushes look new again! It also left them feeling soft & clean.

I’d recommend this to anyone looking for good quality brushes cleanser at a great price.



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