Malin + Goetz – Vitamin E Face Moisturiser

This month’s issue of Marie Claire included this generous sized sample of Malin+Goetz, Vitamin E moisturiser.

The packing is simple yet beautiful, featuring a white background, the logo in a dark blue shade, under that is the  name of the product in a light blue shade, also a description & the ingredients.

It’s a white colour with a natural smell. It has a watery texture which is concentrated & oil free, it’s also pH balanced for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.    It contains soothing chamomile, natural anti-oxidants, SPF, etc.  I’d recommend this for all skin types.

I’ve been using this for the past two weeks & so far I’m very happy with the results, I haven’t had any pimples and that’s a shock! considering I have oily skin and the moisturiser is so hydrating, just don’t use to much because a little goes a long way. It can be used as a primer, it’s the perfect foundation base.

Price: $46/86

Purchase here!



One thought on “Malin + Goetz – Vitamin E Face Moisturiser

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